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Greater Clarity Yields Greater Success

February 21, 2011

“When I am clear, what I want will show up in my life, and only to the extent I am clear.” ~Janet Bray Attwood

The more clarity we have about what is most important in our lives – our passions -  the better able we are to see opportunities and make decisions that move us toward our passions and increase our joy.

Are you doing what you love in your work? Are you happy with your relationships, your health, your life? Would you appreciate gaining more clarity about what your passions are right now? Would you love more joy every day?

I became a Certified Passion Test Facilitator because I saw how this amazing process could spark me AND my clients to live more of our passions every day. If you are ready for a recharge that will change your life, contact me to learn more about one-to-one coaching or about bringing The Passion Test™ to your organization.

“I have not had an easy life, especially over the past 20 years or so (I am 46). Abundance and prosperity have been extremely elusive in my life, and being that I am a single parent with 3 children living with me at the moment (with as many as 4 in the past), this has been a huge issue for me. I have also noticed that in the past few months, I have been undergoing an internal transition. What I have realized is that the reason I didn't come into abundance was because of my validity issue, i.e. I was not validating myself. (At this point, I could go into a chain of childhood events that probably brought this issue on, but I don't think it's necessary. The bottom line is that the issue was there.) Yes, I have felt passion for things in the past. The problem was that I rarely followed through to completion. I am seeing now that to have passion for anything probably scared me because I didn't want anyone to have another excuse to make me feel even more worthless. Needless to say, all this has been an epiphany for me. I am quite certain that the opportunities you made available to me were the channels that brought me to this understanding and knowing. I thank you for your part in all of this.”
by Margaret Jones

Last summer, Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood, authors of The Passion Test™, launched their exciting new project to support people to live their passions: Passionate Life Secrets. I want you to have the opportunity to learn more about this program and how it can help you LIVE YOUR PASSIONS! Go to Live Your Passions and see for yourself. If you’d like to explore first by taking the free Passion Test Profile and watch the five free videos while they are available, go to Live Your Passions. Let me know what you think about the program, the profile or the videos.

Through whatever option works best for you, I hope you take The Passion Test™ to experience more joy while sharing your gifts! Remember, when you give to yourself – being energized by living your passions – you have even more to offer others!

Take the ‘Passion Test Online’ here.

Are you looking for clarity on what really matters in your life?

Press play to listen to an excerpt of ‘It’s My Time’ by Paul Hoffman.

Are you ready to say “‘It’s My Time’ to find and pursue my passions?”

Then you may be interested in joining me at a special program to help you identify your own individual passions with the help of The Passion Test™. Seminars are presented by Melanie Hoffner, a certified facilitator of The Passion Test™. Some sessions are co-facilitated by Dr. David Balster, also a certified Passion Test facilitator and those sessions are specially noted.

The Passion Test™ is “simple to take, fun to do, and profoundly effective.” You’ll leave a Passion Test seminar having discovered:

  • Your 5 top passions, things that are most important to you in your life, that truly matter to you.
  • How to align your life with your passions to experience more and more joy and fulfillment.
  • The one secret that will guarantee you live a passionate life.
  • The formula for creating whatever you choose to have in your life.
  • The 7 key principles for living a passion-filled life and how to begin living them now.
Isn’t it about time you begin living YOUR dreams? Do you know you have a greater purpose…
but you’re not yet living it?
If so, I invite you to say: IT’S MY TIME™!!

I look forward to sharing The Passion Test™ with you so that you, too, can have more clarity, joy, and passion as you live the life of your dreams!

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